Hi tumblr! I need some help.

My friend’s sister had her dog run off yesterday and we are actively searching for him. His name is Bettis. He is a male mini Australian Shepherd. He has been missing since August 30th. We have called police stations and multiple shelters without success. He was last seen in West View, which is just outside of the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

If you have ANY information regarding Bettis, please contact quoth-the-ravenclaw IMMEDIATELY.

If we can get a guy a fluffy chicken, we can signal boost the shit out of this.

Their is one trick that might work to get your dog back
1. Leave water and something from your home that’s smells of said home and leave it were you last saw your dog
2. Don’t leave food because it will bring animals that might lead the dog away
3. You wait




AvaLynn was attacked by another student on the school playground. We are fighting for answers and for greater supervision at school.

My friend Lacey Harris’s 5 year old daughter was brutalized by another child on the playground at school this week, in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Her face is swollen and bruised beyond recognition, and the only thing the school can tell her is that they “are investigating”

This sweet little 5 year old girl is terrified to return to school. She is in pain and she has been MAIMED. This needs IMMEDIATE media attention. The school and local news are ignoring the mother’s and loved ones’ cries for help. This family needs justice for what has been done to their poor little angel, and not just to be swept under the rug, as the school district is attempting to do. PLEASE shine some light on this situation and force school administration and news media to get some answers!

The mother has started a GoFundMe page to request help for paying medical bills and legal fees, as it looks as though she’s going to have to pursue this route in order to get any justice at all for her little girl. Please, please, share this link on your page. Even if people are unable to donate, please just help us get the word out on what is going on with this poor family.

This is really heartbroken for me and extremely hard to look at.

This is the link to Ava’s donation page.
Please donate and share and PRAY!
God bless you all!

This is absolutely outraging. My heart hurts looking at this.

My heart is broken for what that kid did to this little girl







what if you were in bed tonight and you were really lonely and sad and you were lying with your arm hanging out over the edge of the bed into the darkness and just as you were going to sleep, the darkness reached out and held your hand






i made a thing

This is beautiful.

I cried

I love this. The darkness is usually portrayed as something sinister but I think it’s beautiful.